Wellness in the Workplace

The corporate world is rapidly waking up to the benefits of a healthy (both physically and mentally) work environment. Having staff that are ‘living well’ daily means staff that are energised, engaged and resilient. This results in not only a productive workplace, but also a better culture and greater staff retention. Wellness programs have often been […]

Are Personal Trainers Failing?

We are in denial. Yes you, me, everyone in this industry. We see a varied, hopefully high, percentage of our clients change.  Real, lasting, life-altering change. Changing their bodies, their diet, their health, their movement patterns, their mindset, their self-worth, their lives. We cling to them. Our testimonials, our walking billboards, our legacy, our CV. So proud. […]

Sweating for a Cause

On Sunday 6th December we will be raising money for kids in need, introducing: *$5 YIN & YANG CHARITY WORKOUT* Skulpt Personal Training together with Rise Yoga will be running a Charity Workout on Sunday the 6th December @9am in our Richmond Studio. http://hamishevans.com.au/charitychallenge EVERYONE WELCOME: The WORKOUT will be a 30 min Resistance Circuit followed […]

20 Easy Nutrition Swaps to Improve Your Health and Physique Today

Here are 20 easy Swaps that will quickly improve your health and body composition. Try them today and make them habit: WHITE/WHOLEMEAL/MULTIGRAIN BREAD – swap for – PALEO / PUMPKIN / BUCKWHEAT / CHIA BREADS VEGETABLE / CANOLA OIL – swap for – OLIVE / MACADAMIA / COCONUT OIL MARGARINE – swap for – ORGANIC BUTTER OLIVE […]

Smart Nutrition Steps

WHICH STAGE ON THE NUTRITION SPECTRUM ARE YOU? Too many people go to extremes looking for a short term fix when it comes to nutrition. That’s exactly why diets are destined to fail, by their very definition they are something that you must ‘go off’. Instead, I recommend all clients to gradually progress through the […]

Your questions answered… 17 lessons learnt.

After spending the morning on the phone to several new coaching clients, here’s a few of the discussion points that came out of our conversations. You must decide to transform your physique, it won’t just happen haphazardly. You must take action, reinforce good behaviours to evolve into unconscious healthy habits. Most clients have what I call the […]

The Truth About Transforming Your Body

Sometimes I have to ask myself… How Bad Do You Want It? Wanting and doing are two completely different things. We all want a lot of things. But how many of us actually achieve our goals? How many are willing to put in the hard work necessary to reach the top? Are you? Am I? […]

Make Your Training Count – The Perfect Rep

On the rare occasion I frequent a commercial gym I get shocked by what I see! And no, not just the common place: Lack of workout intensity Lack of structured programming Overuse of pin loaded equipment Zero smiles attitudes Shortage of squatting and deadlifting facilities Massive overuse of cardio equipment   No. It’s actually the […]

To detox or not… my thoughts

It’s a horrible word… DETOX. Sounds painful doesn’t it! To me it, detox, conjures images of raw green vegetables, clay and lot’s of lemons. The words deprivation, torture, tasteless, starvation and frequent toilet stops come to mind. So I recommend detox the natural way. By eating the foods we should be eating anyway, and just […]