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Celebrity Personal Trainer, Certified Nutritionist, Corporate Health Speaker, Fitness Model, Manager and owner of Skulpt Personal Training in Melbourne’s inner east. Through over 15 years of training clients and personal trainers, Hamish has earned the reputation as an expert in the field of weight loss, health and fitness. After studying Human Movement at University, Hamish re-sparked a lifelong passion for the wellness industry after dramatically transforming his own physique in the original Body For Life competition through applying the three key elements of training, nutrition and motivation.

Hamish currently runs a studio with nine staff delivering over 300 training sessions a week and has recently been interviewed as the ‘PT Expert’ for Men’s Health Publications. His passion for educating Personal Trainers and Young Athletes lead him to become the Australian Institute of Personal Training Richmond Campus Director and Senior Lecturer and he is often referred to as a ‘walking health encyclopaedia’ for his in depth knowledge on all subjects wellness related.

Hamish Evans
Hamish Evans


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Hamish Evans


103 Murphy StreetRichmond 3121

p. 03 9429 7429

e. hamish@skulpt.com.au

w. www.skulpt.com.au

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