Can PRIMAL beings survive this TECHNICAL world?

Our physical bodies have been unchanged for thousands of years. Our genome has changed less than a thousandth of a percent since we were hanging around with Barney Rubble and the Flinstones! The point being you and I are for all intents and purposes THE SAME as the primal man. Mr Neanderthal. This of course presents a BIG problem, and the number one culprit is the massive and rapid advancements in technology. Technology that has so rapidly regressed our daily healthy habits. Technology that is completely incompatible with the sophisticated bipedal movement-orientated biomechanics we so fortunately inherited. We are now too spoilt for choice. We have chosen gluttony and slothfulness over hunting, gathering and communal tribal living. We have chosen chemicals over nutrients, packaged over raw, chairs over squats, televisions over dancing, telephones over face-to-face interaction, text over communication, introversion over life, sarcasm and depression over laughter.

It’s time to go back to basics. Basics of movement. Basics of nutrition. Basics of communication. We innately understand what is wrong, and how to correct it. Subconsciously or consciously. Make eye contact in the mirror. Now is the time to have the courage and the fortitude to take action. To build the habits that are escaping humanity. The very ones fundamental to the survival of our species. One step at a time. One meal at a time. One simple sip of fresh water. One very uncomfortable, unspoken, conversation within.

Postural Deterioration

Baby steps. This week you will:

  1. Exercise EVERY day – like brushing your teeth. Walk, lift, ride, hit, sprint, swim, PLAY!
  2. Squat – Bodyweight. Deeper. Hold down there. Longer. Have a squanversation!
  3. Drink – Water. Lot’s of it. Carry it with you. Hydrate!
  4. Add a green vegetable (or more), I don’t mind which one, to three meals a day.
  5. Reach to the stars. Often. Especially when sitting at a desk. (See, didn’t that feel good!)
  6. Be INSPIRED by someone or something somehow…

If you live around Melbourne, join us to at least tick the last of the list off this Thursday in Richmond:

INSPIRING RICHMOND : An evening of profound empowerment.




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