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Are Personal Trainers Failing?

We are in denial. Yes you, me, everyone in this industry.

We see a varied, hopefully high, percentage of our clients change.  Real, lasting, life-altering change.

Changing their bodies, their diet, their health, their movement patterns, their mindset, their self-worth, their lives.

We cling to them. Our testimonials, our walking billboards, our legacy, our CV.

So proud. A complete Transformation. A defining moment in a PT’s career. And so it should be.

But we are failing, from a general societal perspective, as we, the median, get sicker, fatter, and unhappier.

The numbers don’t lie. The markers are all trending in the WRONG direction. Obesity, diabetes, auto immune diseases, depression, the list is long and all inclusive.

We get absorbed in the underground health movements. The cult-like preaching of organic, grass-fed, gluten-free, crossfit, paleo, fasting, raw, clean eating, functional training, detoxification, primal living, juicing, greens… Not to mention our insatiable appetite for viral transformation Insta-celebraty programs.

We are entrenched in this community, the passionate believers in underground health. We live it, breathe it, and evidently are blinded by it.

It’s time for change. It’s time to spread our wings, our expertise and our words. Time to make the doubters believe, the self-loathers love, the worn and tired FEEL the difference.

No more intimidating tribes. Instead inspiring communities.

Everyone is looking a quick fix, a short-cut, a secret ingredient.

It’s time for the truth:

The quick fix is CONSISTENCY.

The short-cut is EDUCATION.

The secret ingredient is ENJOYMENT.

Now bottle all three, embrace the challenge, be empowered by your responsibility and go change the world. Our future is in your hands.supertrainer


Make Your Training Count – The Perfect Rep

On the rare occasion I frequent a commercial gym I get shocked by what I see!

And no, not just the common place:

  • Lack of workout intensity
  • Lack of structured programming
  • Overuse of pin loaded equipment
  • Zero smiles attitudes
  • Shortage of squatting and deadlifting facilities
  • Massive overuse of cardio equipment


No. It’s actually the POOR QUALITY REPS that every Joe Blow seems to be punching out.

Resistance training is not a race. Slow down.

Muscles don’t count reps.

Throwing your shoulder into your bench will not grow your chest.

Is that a swinging bicep curl or some new shoulder flexion exercise I missed the memo on.

A squat should activate your glutes, get LOWER.

Try flexing your target muscle group when training them.

A seated row or late pulldown at speed is a recipe for rotator cuff problems at best.

Do you even know which muscles that exercise is designed to work?

Try quality not quantity…

Somebody stop me… Anyway, here’s three things you should think about on EVERY REP, for EVERY SET.

* The two exceptions are doing Olympic or Power lifts for low reps (strength and power work) or momentum exercises (like the kettlebell swing)

The Perfect Rep (for optimal muscle size – hypertrophy, mobility and tissue quality):

  1. TENSION – ‘feel’ the working muscle. Understand how the muscle contracts. Flex it like a bodybuilder.
  2. TEMPO – ‘control’ the rep. Start with a 3120 cadence. Thats 3 seconds lowering (eccentric); 1 second pause (at stretch position); 2 second raise (concentric); no rest at lockout.
  3. RANGE OF MOTION – Reduce the weight and work through a full range of motion – yes right through to that ‘stretch reflex’.

Try it next time you work out and let me know the difference you fell in your workout.


Inspiring Australia

Leadership’ is not an innate trait of mine, instead I’ve had to continue to nurture and become uncomfortably comfortable with the leadership skills and qualities required to run a business, manage staff, lecture and be a corporate speaker.

Inspiration is everywhere but often below the surface and not nearly talked about enough. I have regularly drawn inspiration from clients, friends, family and my amazing team of trainers. As they’ve heard me say: ‘everyone has a story’ and we develop wisdom from every story heard.

Yesterday I was defined as an ‘inspiring leader’ in a summit I’ll earmark as a defining point in my life. My role now is to inspire leadership around me, from trainers to clients to our troubled teens that need it most. Thanks especially to Paul Timms and Jason Webb, your stories inspire me to be a better leader.

Bookmark May 29th as the Skulpt team host a charity fundraiser to inspire leadership amongst all our community and our children.