Get lean through performance variables. Time to train like an athlete.

Skulpt Athleticism
Evolving Athlete

Forget fat loss. It’s time to start training for athleticism. No more long and mind numbing gym sessions training 3 sets of 10 reps, using traditional bodybuilding splits, followed by 45min steady state cardio. Free your mind and step it up. Time to learn how to train for power and strength. For dynamic mobility and structural integrity. For speed, agility and lactate tolerance. The days of mundane gym workouts are over. Get excited about movement, learn a new skill and start testing your limits. Remove the overwhelm and burden of needing to lose fat at every weigh in, train to perform and the body composition results will follow. Scrap the scales and instead target a performance measure. Want proof?

Have you seen anyone that can sprint a sub 55 second 400m that doesn’t have a six pack? Didn’t think so. New goal, new focus, new athletic qualities, new abs.

Time for some sprints… Block run Anyone?

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