Inspiring Australia

Leadership’ is not an innate trait of mine, instead I’ve had to continue to nurture and become uncomfortably comfortable with the leadership skills and qualities required to run a business, manage staff, lecture and be a corporate speaker.

Inspiration is everywhere but often below the surface and not nearly talked about enough. I have regularly drawn inspiration from clients, friends, family and my amazing team of trainers. As they’ve heard me say: ‘everyone has a story’ and we develop wisdom from every story heard.

Yesterday I was defined as an ‘inspiring leader’ in a summit I’ll earmark as a defining point in my life. My role now is to inspire leadership around me, from trainers to clients to our troubled teens that need it most. Thanks especially to Paul Timms and Jason Webb, your stories inspire me to be a better leader.

Bookmark May 29th as the Skulpt team host a charity fundraiser to inspire leadership amongst all our community and our children.

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