Inspiring Leadership – The Mandatory Lifestyle Drug

So why did I join Inspiring Australia?

As many of you know I have two children (well 10 if you count my trainers).And I worry about the world they are growing up in. You see this is going to get dark…

A Dark World - Inspiration Required
A Dark World – Inspiration Required

We live in a world where technology is king an isolation is everywhere. Where text, email and Facebook conversations rule verbal ones, family dinners are spent watching television and even relationships are started online. Where career and life expectations and aspirations are set unrealistically high breeding an overwhelming lack of self-esteem and constant dark cloud of underachievement. We live in a world dominated by sickness and inactivity. Heart disease, type 2 diabetes, depression, suicide, cancer, allergies, eating disorders, mental illness, insomnia, drug addiction. Worn and depleted bodies and worn and depleted minds. Suddenly good health and happiness is the exception rather than the norm. Suddenly, we are no longer the impressive species we were designed to be.

What has happened. What went awry. And what is the answer.

So two months ago I went along to an Inspiring Australia session. It was informal. It was unscripted. It was RAW and it was real. As four speakers spoke about either their successes, their struggles or what many would perceive as insurmountable obstacles. Something struck me. Maybe this WAS THE ANSWER… Inspiration… Empowerment… Connection… A sense of community and the somehow deeply comforting knowledge that I was not alone. That everyone has a story. That everyone has curveballs thrown at them in life. And that anyone can be an Inspiring Leader. You see hearing someone’s story, no matter what it is, connects you, not just the speakers, but all of you. Strength. Support. Survival. I hope you leave tonight inspired. Inspired for change, inspired to lead. You see we are all Inspiring Leaders, it’s time to step up to the plate.

So here I am trying to make a difference. Will you stand up and help me?

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