Is this the end of mankind?


Where have all the men gone?
Where have all the men gone?

Look around at the men in your life. Look at your co workers, your fathers, sons, brothers, uncles. Look at your boss. Look at the tram driver, the commuters, the school boys. See it? Or rather the lack of it. Something missing?

I am a father and I am scared for my sons future. There is a lot to be afraid of. Of most significance global warming and it’s inevitable diabolical consequences. But it is problems closer to home that concern me more. Something we see (or don’t) every day, especially as personal trainers. It’s people, and in particular it’s men.

“The ordinary man is no longer impressive.”

What is happening to the young men of today? When I look around all I see is weakness. Weakness of mind, weakness of physique, weakness of immune systems, weakness. And worst of all most people are blindfolded. They know it’s happening but are happy to blame, deny or make excuses. Conspiracy? Maybe. 

* Childhood obesity rates are soaring. 
* Children not yet near puberty are being diagnosed with the rampant epidemic that is type 2 diabetes. 
* Teenage boys are growing breasts so well developed that surgery is needed to reduce them. 
* There is a worldwide epidemic of men – young and old- with enlarged prostates and erection problems.
* Sperm counts have plunged 50% and infertility is commonplace.

Am I done… Not even close.

* Almost everyone suffers from some dietary allergen or sensitivity.
* Cancer and heart disease are thought to be inevitable by many.
* Postural deficiencies and chronic joint pain are common place.
* Depression is considered ‘a normal transition phase in one’s life’ and suicide is everywhere.

Disheartened. I know. What have we done to ourselves. Where have all these epidemics suddenly come from. And where were they 200 years ago?

Truth. Like it or not. We are poisoning ourselves with the foods we eat, air we breathe, liquids we drink. Our inactivity, our laziness, our lifestyles.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. The underground is rising. The ‘smart’ and ‘brave’ people are revolting. Knowledge is their weapon and education is their mission. I am one of those. Keen to help people. To help you be a better version of yourself. And it all starts with creating healthy habits and manipulating your hormones.

Don’t go far. Join me as I reveal the secrets of the Alpha male. You see. 
You were built to be strong, fearless, resilient, healthy, confident and powerful. We all have what it takes to be great and achieve amazing things. Time to be that person.


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