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Booty… Glutes… Butt… Rear… Gluteals


There seems to be an obsession with bum’s at the moment. From twirking to the new mandatory gym warmup of the glute raise, and all for good reason too.

You see your glutes are probably the most important muscle group in your body, not to mention the biggest, due to the simple fact they allow us to stand on two feet (and walk/run/sprint/jump).

It’s true… Not only is a quality pair of glutes good on the eye, they are also highly functional and an accurate predictor of ones athletic prowess.

Only problem is…

You are probably sitting on it right now!

That’s right, ‘dormant butt syndrome’ is an first world epidemic and it’s a result of sitting. Sitting at your office, in your car, on the tram/train, on your couch, at the cafe bench, at your dining table…

You see your body want’ made to sit like this.

Have you seen a baby squat, then stand up off the floor from a seated position?

Have you used a drop toilet? Sat in the correct deep squat position our bodies are designed to?

It’s been a while, right?

It’s OK, I’ve been there too and the problem can be remedied.

BONUS. Free up your hips, actively fire your glutes and you may also just find that back and knee pain diminish or even disappear. That’s right fix the centre link of the chain (the hip area) and suddenly you may just be pain free and ready to really train hard to achieve that ideal body you have been dreaming of.


Here’s what you need to know:
– The function and physiology of your glutes
– Why most of us suffer from dormant butt syndrome
– Why the glutes are the MOST important muscles in your body
– Glutes and their relationship to posture
– Glutes and their relationship to performance
– Exploring the posterior chain and it’s importance
– Hormones and their role in butt fat storage
– How to lose butt fat through diet and lifestyle alterations
– Supplements, sugar and sleep, why they matter

And here’s how you need to move:
– Releasing your dormant glutes
– How and why you must have mobility through your hips
– Our TOP 5 Activation techniques for your glutes
– Our TOP 5 techniques to getting a STRONG booty
– Our TOP 5 techniques to lifting and building a SHAPELY booty
– Our TOP 5 techniques to burning fat off your booty
– Training essentials: Tempo, Weight, ROM (range of motion) and TUT (time under tension)

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