The Truth About Transforming Your Body

Sometimes I have to ask myself…

How Bad Do You Want It?

Wanting and doing are two completely different things. We all want a lot of things. But how many of us actually achieve our goals? How many are willing to put in the hard work necessary to reach the top?

Are you?

Am I?

We live in a world of instant-gratification. Everyone looking for a short cut or quick fix when the real secret-sauce is the unmarketable ingredient called ‘consistency’.

How long will it take me to transform my body? You can do it quickly but it’s unlikely to last.

Truth… for long lasting results with new ingrained healthy habits, the question you should be asking is how long will it take you to transform your mind, your body will follow.

“100 days?! That’s a lot of dieting and hard work. I can commit to 28 days but not 100.”

No matter what anyone tells you there is no replacement for hard work. No training system, no diet, no machine, no gimmick and no supplement.

Vanity aside, the body you live in and time are some of the few things that CAN”T be replaced in this world, you only get one shot at health, and surely now you can see that your health is by far your greatest asset. SO nurture it, respect it, and value it above all else.

Raw vegetables and hummus anyone?

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