Today I turn 38 years young. So here’s my 38 resolutions for the next 365 days.

It’s important we all get better with time, like a fine wine! Ageing often (not always) accompanies wisdom. Some of the not so enjoyable ramifications of maturing are it’s positive correlation with BMI and fat mass, and negative correlation with levels of free testosterone and free insulin-like growth factor-1.

To defy these, here’s 38 things I will be trying to incorporate into my daily routine now that I’m fast approaching 40:

38 Resolutions
38 Resolutions

1. Daily green shakes – my afternoon pick-me-up (apple, kiwi, ginger, chia seeds, cucumber, spinach, kale, lemon).

2. SMR for muscle health – foam roll (especially thoracic spine, ITB, quads and glute med).

3. ZMA for sleep and recovery – magnesium is an often overlooked mineral for recovery, ZMA is my go to here.

4. Consistent sleeping hours – try to get to bed and wake up at the same time every day, yes including weekends.

5. Early to bed, early to rise – the early bird gets the worm! Success leaves clues and so many of my mentors are early risers.

6. Omega 3’s daily – so many benefits (especially anti inflammatory) I’m not going to list, look for high EPA & DHA levels.

7. No 1RM strength lifts – there’s little benefit (apart from bragging rights), stick with 3-5RM’s for strength.

8. Keep hip mobility – we are all chronically tight in our hips, mostly from sitting all day. Avoid the chair and squat deep.

9. Remember my Yin – balance my passion for Yang with meditation, yoga, Qi Gong or another mindful activity.

10. Establish a new easy recipe repertoire – quick, nutritious go to recipes. Ie. soups, san choi bao, fish taco’s, stews.

11. Max one coffee/day – I’m caffeine sensitive so need to limit to one (preferably early and pre-workout) to avoid adrenal blowout.

12. More pre-hab – practice what I preach, SMR and pre-hab 4, release, activation, mobility.

13.Walk more – walk for coffee, walk to meetings, walk to switch off, walk to learn (podcasts)

14. Get back to sport – reconnect with competitive pursuits. Regular tennis comp, squash or basketball.

15. Teach kids the joys of hiking – explore and share the great outdoors and the beauty of nature.

16. Nurture my vege patch – everyone should have a vegetable and herb garden. Time to cultivate.

17. More (wild) fish and (grass-fed) red meat, less chicken – Always had a diet dominated by chicken. Balance is the key.

18. Apple cider vinegar – a daily detox to alkalise and rid ourselves of our highly acidic lifestyles.

19. More fermented foods – inflammation is rife, probiotics and vital, make friends with kombucha and fermented foods.

20. More citrus – antioxidant rich, enhanced immunity, reduce insulin spike… Dress salads & add to water or mineral water.

21. More anabolic portholes – add short bouts of intense exercise to place the body in a fat burning, muscle saving environment.

22. Another Tough Mudder – Great ‘team building’ event for Skulpt clients and friends to tick off their bucket list.

23. Raise more money for great causes – Inspiring Australia, Inspiring Richmond, charity bootcamps.

24. Change the bodies & esteems of more clients – improved systems, connection (information flow) and accountability.

25. Lead by example – train like a client (Skulpt APC semi-private training), stay fit, strong, lean and motivated.

26. Use my knowledge to educate the masses – teach more, speak more, inspire more…

27. Spend more time with lifelong friends – time flies when you don’t organise catch ups. Make it happen more regularly.

28. Look after my team – give my team the opportunity to develop and flourish both personally and professionally.

29. Read more – you can never learn too much, make pre-sleep reading a habit.

30. Learn from mentors – learn from others mistakes and fast forward your own success.

31. Support local business – community is key, network and help small local business thrive.

32. Travel more – not alone here I’m sure, it’s a big country, a big world and there is just so much to see and experience.

33. Connect clients to help them grow their own business – often one connection can change the outlook of a small business.

34. Get back on my bike – ride to work occasionally, ride from work, ride with the family.

35. Write down and regularly review personal & business goals – we all know why.

36. Move like an athlete – dedicate training time to all protocols: power, strength, hypertrophy and conditioning.

37. Remember the power of a smile, a compliment, a hug or a high five – make someones day.

38. Drink more water… optimal hydration is vital for optimal health.

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