We are all Evolving Athletes. Time to train like one.

Skulpt Evolving Athlete

Something new is coming to Richmond. A revolution in fitness and health. An evolution from the mundane ‘gym’ workout. A movement that focusses on movement. It ‘s more than just the strength protocols of a power lifter, more than the hypertrophy protocols of a bodybuilder, more than the conditioning protocols of a bootcamp instructor, more than the HIIT protocols of a spin class instructor, and more than the mobility protocols of a yogi bear (aka yoga instructor).


BOLD claims I know. This is not just generalisation vs specialisation though. This is the culmination of 16 years of program writing, coaching clients and mentoring trainers. It’s time to give clients what they want. Accountability and a sense of achievement through results, improvements in not just body composition but in performance, mobility, relative and absolute strength. But that’s not it, not our clients ‘why’. More importantly than ‘results’ are ones improvements in sense of self worth, in mate ship though culture and community, to be coached by leaders and have FUN in the process. Introducing Skulpt’s EVOLVING ATHLETE program. Semi-private personal training with a twist. The complete roadmap to developing your ideal physique through performance training.




The launch date of the Evolving Athlete protocol is June 1st, 2014.


Places are STRICTLY limited to six people per time slot.


So register your interest now: http://www.fitleanandstrong.com.au/


richmond@skulpt.com.au or call Shari on 03 94297429 for more information.

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