Your questions answered… 17 lessons learnt.

After spending the morning on the phone to several new coaching clients, here’s a few of the discussion points that came out of our conversations.

  1. You must decide to transform your physique, it won’t just happen haphazardly. You must take action, reinforce good behaviours to evolve into unconscious healthy habits. Most clients have what I call the ‘aha’ moment, that trigger, be it a bad photo, tight clothes, illness, struggling up the stairs or keeping up with the kids. An instigator to take action and prioritise it.
  2. Jogging probably isn’t helping your cause. Honestly, most bodies aren’t designed to jog – too heavy a load, too much impact, too inefficient with technique. Sure if it’s your cathartic escape then great, but if you are doing it for physique reasons then I’d prefer you changed your speed – sprinting intervals are one of the greatest physique transformation tools one can use, and a long walk (outside) should be part of everyones daily routine (for mind and body).
  3. Constantly pre-habilitate. Stop injuries occurring in the first place by staying mobile and aligned. Tightness and muscular imbalances are the most likely culprits when it comes to injury. So focus on muscular balance and mobility especially around the hips, shoulders and ankles.
  4. You can’t exercise off bad eating. You also can’t diet your way to a healthy body. Nutritious clean eating, focusing on single ingredient foods found in nature or at your local farmers market is the key to weight control. Movement is the key to a beautiful physique.
  5. Resistance is the key to body transformation training. Moving weights, be it your body weight or external loads, is the secret sauce to rapidly transforming your physique.
  6. Processed food, at least in the quantities and qualities modern man is consuming it, is poison. Before you jump on the next fad diet, please start by reducing the toxic load you are ingesting from most boxed and canned foods. Man-made sweeteners in particular are playing havoc with your hormones and hence weight control, so start by watching your sugar load.
  7. Avoid the lethal Carbs-Fat combo. If you find a snack or meal that is primarily made up of significant quantities of carbs and fat (with very little protein) then chances are it’s one skip. I know, eliminating biscuits with cheese, not to mention donuts and hot chips from your daily meal plan is going to be a challenge. But to simplify carbs spike insulin making us anabolic while fats become fatty acids circulating the blood ready for storage = recipe for fat gain!
  8. Watch your posture. Be aware of your body position. Pull your shoulders back and down, head back and chest up, push your heels into the ground. Find and maintain neutral spine when standing and be very aware of your core control and spinal shape when sitting.
  9. Sore knees and/or back often equals tight hips. Make a concerted effort to free up your hips, especially your psoas (and other hip flexors) and piriformis, but also your hamstrings, quads and adductors.
  10. It’s all in the glutes. Too much sitting has led to an epidemic I term ‘dormant butt syndrome’. You MUST wake them up and strengthen them. Learn to activate them correctly and ‘feel’ them working in your big leg movements (squats, deadlifts and lunges).
  11. Protein is essential. Protein makes up the building blocks of your physiology. Base your meals and snacks around it and you will quickly feel and see the difference.
  12. You’re not eating enough vegetables. Especially green ones. Enough said!
  13. Recovery is vital. Sleep properly- I recommend 7.5 hrs in a very dark room. Have a specific ‘wind-down’ routine leading to bed time. Utilise massage, hot-cold therapy, Epson salt baths, topical magnesium, stretching, foam rolling, yoga or simply walking to improve recovery.
  14. Take advantage of the anabolic window. Post-workout is your time to consume carbs and protein. Rice, fruit and root vegetables should be regular inclusions in the two meals (or shake then meal) after your workout.
  15. Hydrate and then some more… Drink filtered water and not from a plastic cup or water bottle!
  16. Consistency is the only program that works.
  17. First master bodyweight, then master (meaning use impeccable technique) the big lifts.


Any of these prick your ears? Which one can you incorporate to build a healthier you?profile

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